Proposes you our  contract  "CUPID DATING"
5 meetings

(Skype (with translator) + meetings)




12 months: 20 hours of videoconference + Coaching  


And our Romance Tour.

You choose the Ladies who really want to meet you with our QUESTIONNAIRE you meet them on Skype video conference with our translator. But before we send you new photos of the Ladies, and then only then you decide if you want meet this lady on Skype.

​You meet each of these ladies (5 Ladies) 1 hour in video conferencing.

​Then I’ll prepare all your appointments in the lady’s country before you leave for the ladies' country. So you know exactly how much time and the day you meet each of these ladies.

​​Thanks to our QUESTIONNAIRE we present you the Ladies who really want to meet you.

​​And so we are the only ones to guarantee you no bad surprise and that the result that all your meetings will be of quality.

​​With Lowest Rates in Europe, USA and Canada

Gentlemen, Why we offer you no correspondence by letter or purchase of email address ? 

Gentlemen, these sites that offer you this kind of service are in 99% A SCAM. No lady will receive your mail, they are people employed and paid by these sites that answer all your letters.

And Dear Gentlemen, know that all the ladies you see on our site will never go to a free dating site. Why ? because our ladies are serious and are looking for only a serious relationship. unlike the ladies who are on these free dating site and who are looking for either a visa or gifts or ripping you.

We work in a French way like real professionals. We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce in France and my husband's cousin is president of the Chamber of Crafts in France. Which guarantees you the seriousness of our agency.

Fill in our questionnaire in PDF format and we will send you a first selection of profiles of ladies who really want to meet you.

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