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A real marriage agency not a dating site

Real professionals of high quality dating.

A selection of profiles with our questionnaire and without obligation. 

With our questionnaire 100% success for our customers.

The only real international marriage agency that with its Questionnaire in PDF format, and without any commitment on your part, you know which Ladies really want to meet you.

Hi, I'm Iryna Bourdin,

Le Tunnel de l'Amour : A true International Matrimonial Agency with the lowest rates in Europe,

USA and Quebec.

The concept of a real Matrimonial Agency in France has been totally revised by our team of the Tunnel of Love to make of our agency a real matrimonial agency Ukraine distinguishing itself in that of the clubs of meetings Women of the East in Europe, Quebec or the USA. 

We sincerely believe that the best Ukrainian and Belarusian marriage agency is the one that offers the most transparency in a world unfortunately gangrened by scams of all kinds that are broadcasted on many YouTube channels.


We have nothing to hide and that's why my husband created our Forum "Women of Ukraine", real life stories, marriages, travels and encounters lived by Men and expressed in total transparency by our customers.

Our Belarus travel guide, with videos of the cities of Brest, Homiel, Moguilev and Vitebsk and many videos of Belarusian women living in these regions.


If you watch our videos on our YouTube channel, you will discover that we are honest and true lovers of Ukraine and Belarus. 

We are the first real marriage agency in Belarus and the best known and most reputable in Ukraine.


We are the best known and most reputable thanks to the quality of the profiles of the Ukrainian and Belarusian women to be married, and our personalized approach, with our Questionnaire, our real accompaniment of the first contact until the marriage ensures us to date 100 % of success.


Dating with beautiful Belarusian and Ukrainian women has never been so serious, safe and effective, since we exist.

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Hello ! Welcome to

Le Tunnel de l'Amour. If you need any information, we remain at your disposal.

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